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To report recent developments in the field and inform the membership of Board decisions and policies, organizational matters and AIC activities, and membership issues in general. Lead articles should be completed and submitted electronically to the editor and should be formatted according to JAIC style. Deadlines for submissions are generally two weeks before the short article deadlines to allow for editing. Upon return of the document, the production editor facilitates layout and distribution internally by PDF for review. The production assistant sends reminders to all specialty group chairs two weeks prior to the deadline. The editor is consulted during the production process whenever questions related to content arise.
They now describe their new approach, called three-dimensional scattering-assisted dynamic holography (3D-SDH). They show that it can achieve a depth resolution more than three orders of magnitude greater than state-of-the-art methods for … Of the many different kinds of stars, asymptotic giant branch stars, usually slightly larger and older than our own sun, are known producers of interstellar dust. Dusty AGBs are particularly prominent producers of dust, and the light they shine happens to vary widely. For the first time, a long-period survey has found the variable intensity of dusty AGBs coincides with variations in the …
American officials said that classified documents with details of Western plans to support Ukraine’s armed forces were leaked on social media, according to the New York Times… ACCESS DENIED ACCESS DENIED S.A.’s wealthy, healthy areas have more hospitals — and there’s little motivation to change that Redlining and other forms of economic discrimination are long-lasting and contribute to uneven access to healthcare. In your inbox every Friday with links to our latest articles. Healthcare organizations are using software robots to help with everything from checking in patients to scanning x-rays. All of which means healthcare professionals have more time to spend with patients.
Our reporters and editors are dedicated to delivering content that provides practical information to readers who need insights into technologies they have invested in or plan to invest in. We strive to offer in-depth coverage of the issues and trends while also providing real insight into the challenges business leaders face. We delve into a myriad of topics, products, companies and policies that shape our increasingly complex business ecosystem. Since 1999, TechTarget’s editorial staff has built a network of technology-specific websites to provide valuable problem-solving and decision support content to IT professionals and line-of-business managers. The company’s editorial mission was founded on the premise that enterprise tech buyers need definitive practical guidance and insight when implementing, researching and managing technology.
If the article describes 9/11 as a past event, then it’s a secondary source. Access unmatched financial data, news and content in a highly-customised workflow experience on desktop, web and mobile. Build the strongest argument relying on authoritative content, attorney-editor expertise, and industry defining technology.
The editor, communications director, and executive director/managing editor can also cull news items from other trustworthy sources for this column. The editor works with the executive director/managing editor in determining the ultimate content of the column. The meetings director, meeting & marketing director, AIC board vice president, and/or general session chair plans and submits these columns to the production editor. In some cases, it might be necessary to solicit a response to be printed in the same issue with the letter. The response should be written by an appropriate person—the editor, a board member, a party referred to in the letter, or an expert on the topic.
The committee, task force, or network submits content-based articles directly to the editor. These articles are reviewed by committee members, outside consultants, and the executive director/managing editor, on an as need basis, as determined by the editor. The executive director/managing editor should solicit these reports. Special committee reports are reviewed by the executive director/managing editor and editor for content during the draft and final stages. For articles from other committees, task forces, and networks, see Column 10 below.
This column might also include summaries of current research projects, inquiries about specific conservation problems, or comparisons of various materials or procedures. This column should not be used as medium through which to endorse specific products. Individuals wishing to promote materials should see the Advertising section. This column is supported by the services of a volunteer section editor, appointed by the editor. Law360 reviews guest submissions for all of our publications.
Bad Bunny’s Next Move The superstar has bent global pop culture to his will—by refusing to compromise on anything. The ICMJE up-dated the Recommendations for the Conduct, Reporting, Editing, and Publication of Scholarly Work in Medical Journals, including updates to Sections III.D.2.Duplicate and Prior Publications and IV.A.3.d.i. To assist in identifying where changes have been made, an annotated PDF is available. The current, official PDF of the ICMJE Recommendations may be downloaded at
The executive director/managing editor also proofreads each issue in conjunction with the Production Editor. S/he ensures a link to the annual report is published in AIC News. BMC Medicine is the flagship medical journal of the BMC series. We also publish stimulating debates and reviews as well as unique forum articles and concise tutorials. editorial news sends a reminder to the specialty group chairs two weeks prior to the deadline . The specialty group chairs will submit their columns via e-mail attachment to the production editor by the deadlines specified.