How to fix AirPlay when it’s not working on your Mac

This reset will help you fix the AirPlay issue and get it working again. First, ensure that your TV is connected to the internet and that AirPlay is enabled in the TV’s settings. If AirPlay is still not working, try restarting your TV and iOS device. Screen mirroring will display everything on your iPhone’s screen on the TV, so everything you do on your phone will be visible on the big screen. When you use AirPlay, you’re playing media from your phone to your television without sharing your screen on the TV.
During the time that this change occurred, some users may have believed that perhaps the option to AirPlay was already deleted, when in fact, it had been renamed. Or tapping the audio card in the upper right and then the triangle/rainbow icon if you wish to stream music to your stereo, are both simple processes . You should check Windows firewall settings and change them according to your situation.
If such a good feature does not work on your LG tv, then the user gets upset. We’ve searched a lot for this good feature not working, and we’ll show it in today’s article here. Suppose your Airplay is Not Working on LG TV. Cast from android to pc will discuss the possible problem for this and its solution in today’s article.
If you have an Airplay and it is not responding, try restarting your TV and your iPhone or iPad. The Airplay configuration settings might be cluttered. You may do that by just turning off your phone and TV and waiting for a few seconds to turn it back on. For those that don’t know, AirPlay is a software that allows Apple users to stream content from their Apple devices to a television or speaker.
From here, you will either get a notification that you have the latest version of the OS or an update is available for you to download and install. Roku devices don’t have a diagnostics tool, but upon connection failure, they will display a wide variety of error codes. Take note and google them to find out what each one means. Mostly, these codes will indicate a weak signal, inability to connect, or the need to reset the system.