Fundraising Silent Auctions: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly, the Easy

As you can see, mobile bidding can make a world of difference for your silent auction. If you haven’t tried it before, consider using it during your next event. Corporate sponsors can do wonders for any event fundraising, but they’re particularly useful for silent auction planning.
Fundraising experts recommend arranging silent auction items from lowest to highest value. That way, donors bid on multiple items as they progress through the displays. Well, no, nothing about fundraising is supposed to be impossible. You should now have everything you need in order to plan and execute a successful silent auction.
Before you begin, it’s important to understand both types of fundraising auctions, along with your organization’s donors, to decide which is the best fit for your nonprofit. Silent auctions can potentially generate more money for your organization because attendees are bidding against each other, driving up the price. Raffles, on the other hand, have a fixed price for tickets
and the profit is determined by the number of tickets sold.
See our Giant List of Corporate Donations to find out if any are in your area. People respond to gamification across all sorts of applications. For silent auctions, features such as on-screen counters and trend analysis can help. Many nonprofit organizations choose to wait until they’ve confirmed some of the items that will be up for auction so that they can promote them in their marketing materials for the auction. To conclude, non-profit silent auctions will bring substantial income at low costs, irrespective of the level or size at which they are conducted. This is especially effective for mobile bidding, where guests won’t even need to leave their tables to continue chipping in their bids.
Donors can bid via text message and receive notifications when they are outbid. As a result, donors do not need to be at an event to participate in a silent auction. Organizers can also set up online auctions for bidding via web browser. While some nonprofits turn to professional graphic designers to create silent auction bid sheets, you can also take a DIY approach to save money.
Non-profit organizations can work with local artists to source artwork and build relationships within the community. To procure auction items, start by brainstorming a list of potential donors. This could include individuals, businesses, or organizations that might be interested in supporting your cause. The versatility of silent auctions makes them an excellent fundraising fit for any school, charity, or nonprofit organization.
Personalize the colors, fonts, and layouts to create an immersive and captivating user experience. Stand out from the crowd and leave a lasting impression on your bidders. Following How does Silent Auction work , send a personalized thank-you message to the vendors and businesses who donated goods and services, as well as sponsors.